While we have manufactured the Garden Traditions collection with durability in mind, all outdoor pieces benefit from some simple maintenance practices.

FREEZING CLIMATES: Winter frost, snow, and ice can be very damaging to garden ornaments. We suggest taking the following measures to protect them.

All urns, birdbaths, fountains and planters should be emptied of soil and water before the first winter frost and covered and/or tipped over to prevent the build-up of damaging snow and ice. Planted containers are more at risk if the reservoir is filled with dirt. Water can still enter, collect, freeze and thaw. Portable components, such as the tops of birdbaths, can be removed altogether and stored indoors.

If your garden ornament is portable, we recommend taking it indoors in winter.

For all heavier statuary we recommend installing permanent cement footings in the ground. Footings provide a more level surface than bare ground, giving extra stability to your piece.

Before the first hard frost, it is useful to raise your garden ornaments off the bare soil/grass to avoid their freezing to the ground. This can be accomplished as a temporary measure with bricks or blocks of wood.

We can also recommend protecting Garden Traditions pieces that are going to remain outside with breathable, three-layer polypropylene Weatherbags designed for this purpose by Barbara Israel. For more information please visit the Weatherbags page of our website. We do not recommend using plastic or any material that is not weather proof and breathable.

STRONG SUN: Constant exposure to direct sunlight may inhibit the growth of moss and lichen, and over time may have a bleaching effect on your decoration. Many people prefer the aged look of a mossy surface, but this is a matter of personal taste to consider when placing your ornaments.

HIGH WINDS: Although the weight of very heavy garden ornaments should assure their safety in most cases of high wind, lighter garden ornaments can be pinned to pedestals or concrete footings. A reputable mason should be able to help with this. Please secure your ornaments or bring portable pieces indoors if you are at risk for tornadoes, hurricanes or high winds.

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